Herbal Bar Soap


Our soaps are made right here in Dunedin from a local soap maker! They are never made with beef tallow (a common animal derived ingredient in handmade soaps) or artificial colors. We also choose not to use palm oil in our soaps because it has had drastic effects on environment degradation. In addition, we use essential oils in our soaps rather than fragrance oils, since fragrance oils can irritate some skin types.   4.5oz/128g


Choose from the following scents:


Pink Grapefruit and Orange: Sweet orange, pink grapefruit, ylang ylang & litsea cubeba

Lovely Lavender: Lavender, palmarosa & rosewood

Mother Earth: Sweet Orange, cedarwood, lavender, rosewood & patchouli

Native: Key lime, bergamot & lemongrass

Peppermint Ice: Peppermint, spearmint, benzoin & basil (not pictured-blue and white swirl)




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