Oily/Combo Face Serum


Our face serums have been expertly blended to be non-comedogenic (non pore clogging!) and effective. This blend of light facial oil keeps the skin’s natural oil balance in check. (Did you know when your skin is lacking hydration it produces more oil?) The herbal blend of white willow bark provides naturally derived salilcylic acid for additional acne fighting power. .5oz/15ml


Ingredients: Organic evening primrose oil, organic argan oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic white willow bark, organic burdock root, non-GMO vitamin E, organic carrot seed oil, organic rosemary oil, organic lavender oil & frankincense oil

Directions: Apply 4-5 drops face serum morning and night after cleansing/toning to restore the skin’s natural lipid balance. Follow with SPF for daytime.

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