Natural Deodorant

Our all natural non-aluminum deodorants are so effective! They deliver all day odor control with a single application and are PH balanced to reduce alkaline irritation .

Ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, organic fair trade extra virgin coconut oil,  sodium bicarbonate (100% aluminum free!), organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic fair trade shea butter, essential oil blend, zinc ricinoleate & vitamin E.

Citrus: Lemongrass, Orange, Eucalyptus and Bergamot

Lavender: Lavender oil

Earthy:  Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Orange & Vetiver (not pictured)

Herbaceous: Eucalyptus, Pine, Tea Tree & Rosemary

PLEASE NOTE: When switching from an antiperspirant or name brand deodorant,  you may experience some “detoxing”. It’s important to use this product for 7 days before passing judgment. During this time, your body may eliminate any toxic build up from your previous deodorant and the skin may experience a change in chemistry & flora.

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