Exfoliating Face Scrub


This exfoliating powder is so versatile! You can use it with a bit of water or mix with your cleanser for added exfoliating power! The super fine blend of rice flour, rose petals and oats are effective yet gentle. Lavender oils soothes and fights excess oil. Wondering what sodium cocoyl isethionate is? It is a sodium salt derived from coconut oil to give a bit of sudsing to products. (We are always transparent in our ingredients!) It equates to less then 4% of our formula.


Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, white rice flour, organic oats, sodium cocoyl isethionate, organic lavender oil, organic red rose petals


Directions: Slowly shake powder into damp hands. Gently rub onto skin for a few minutes or add it to your cleanser for extra exfoliating power. This powder lathers very well! A little goes a long way with this one.


4.8 oz of product

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