Building a Home Apothecary: Herbs & Art!

Tuesday, October 22 5:30-7:00  $35

Building a Home Apothecary: Learn which herbs are a must to keep on hand in your own home apothecary and then label with beautiful brush lettering labels!

In this class we will discuss the top herbs to keep on hand in your home apothecary. You’ll learn uses for these herbs and what to do with each for basic, everyday needs and remedies. You’ll then get to select which 5 herbs from our discussion you’d like to take home and fill your jars. Next you’ll see how artist and calligraphy pro Margot from Inky Fingers Calligraphy uses brush style lettering to create beautiful labels for your sacred herbs.

Included in the class:

5 jars of herbs for your at home apothecary

Labels for your jars

Instruction/use of brush lettering pens to label your jars.

All class attendees will receive 10% off their in store purchase on the day of the class!

Participants will also receive 10% off all in store purchases on the night of the class.

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