Back to School: Elderberry Syrup Making

August 5, 2019 - August 5, 2019


Monday, August 5      5:30pm-8:30pm

Plant, Spirit, Elderberry Medicine: Why you should love your Elders 

Join us for an intimate night of elderberry immunity goodness with Sara Ratza, HHP. Prepare to fall in love with this native plant ally as Sara teaches about all of it’s amazing benefits. Specializing in cold care, Sara will talk about the different uses of elder and elderberries to help with cold and flu season with her trusted home remedy recipes. Observe a demo how to make your own immunity boosting elderberry syrup and learn what plants allies are great to add for extra immunity support.

We will have “make your own elderberry syrup” kits available for sale after the class. You’ll also receive 10% off your total in store purchase on the day of the class!  Click the link to sign up!


Herbs for Pets: Pet Health & Remedies

August 20, 2019 - August 20, 2019

Tuesday, August 20    5:30-6:30

Furry Friends: Herbal Health for Pets!

Join us and MK Gladwell, clinical herbalist, In this 60 min presentation we will be discussing 5 key herbs for pets and how to go about getting your pets to take them. We will also touch on a few other important topics like dosing, food as medicine, constitutions, cautions/contraindications, and much more. Please bring a pen and notepad for notes. Handout will be provided.

Class participants also receive 10% off all in store purchases on the day of the class!

Click the link to sign up!

About MK:
MK Glidewell is a practicing clinical herbalist, herbal animal care specialist, herbal instructor/educator for Traditions School of Herbal Studies, traditional healer, and veteran’s advocate. She has been studying and implementing herbal medicine for 5 years. Prior to herbal medicine she had intentions on becoming a doctor, but after a long soiree in Western Healthcare she realized “it just wasn’t for her”. She began studying with Renee Crozier, RH(AHG) and Dr Bob Linde, AP RH(AHG) at Traditions and has set her focus on helping others help themselves with herbs. As an animal lover and former equine riding instructor she holds a special place in her heart for pets and animals of all shapes and sizes.

DIY Herbal Infusions & Salve Making

September 5, 2019 - September 5, 2019

Thursday, September 5 5:30-7:00

DIY Herbal Salve Make and take!

Sold out in January/February we are offering this class again for fall!

Herbal infused oils and salves are healing and nourishing topical applications. They can be used in a many ways—luxurious massage oils, first aid balms, pain relieving ointments and more! In this class we will demonstrate how to extract the therapeutic properties of herbs by infusing them into oil. These herbal oils can be used on their own or as a base for salves and other herbal products.

We will then cover how to make a salve, which is a combination of oils and beeswax. Participants will receive a salve to take home and recipes to make their own herbal oils and salves. Participants also receive 10% off all purchases in store on the day of the class.

Click the link to sign up for this class:

Creating and Understanding Herbal Tinctures

September 11, 2019 - September 11, 2019

Wednesday, September 11 5:30-7:00

What is an herbal tincture?

In this class you will learn what the purpose of an herbal tincture is, dosing and how to make your own tinctures! Tinctures are made with alcohol and water to extract the medicinal properties of herbs. They are a wonderful and convenient way of taking herbal medicine. In this informative class we will discuss and demonstrate methods to make dried plant tinctures and cocktail bitters. Participants will get to try samples as well as take home recipes to make their own tinctures.

All class participants get 10% off everything in the store on the day of the class.

Click the link to sign up for this class: