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Welcome to Emelia’s Apothecary!

About Us at Emelia’s Apothecary

“Who is Emelia?” is usually the first question I am asked about Emelia’s Apothecary. That would be my beautiful, smart and caring three year old daughter. She is the reason for all my hard work and the desire to empower her to follow her dreams is what inspired me to open the apothecary, a life long dream of my own.

In 2004, fresh out of cosmetology school I started working for a large local salon and spa in my hometown of Omaha, NE. I learned a lot and after about 6 years of working for someone else knew I wanted to begin the path of entrepreneurship. I opened a salon and spa with a dear friend of mine in 2011 and never looked back. We were one of the first salons in Omaha to focus on products that were cruelty and paraben free. Though I loved my industry, the first thing I noticed was the utter mess of chemical ingredients in so many of the products. My ultimate desire was to have a complete line of plant based natural products and while I was able to incorporate those into my very busy skincare and haircare business, there were some limitations within my industry and the city to which I could take my dream.

In 2015 I had my daughter. Shortly after that my husband and I (after many trips to the Gulf Coast of Florida) decided to make the move for our family to live in the paradise we had come to know so well. Time and time again we found ourselves coming back to Dunedin. We love this town! The sense of community is unlike any I have ever experienced and the support the locals give the neighboring businesses is phenomenal.

I sold my portion of the salon and we packed up and headed to Florida full time in late 2016. I have had the absolute blessing of a full year with my daughter and it has been a beautiful year of love and discovery. I was also able to begin deeply studying Western Herbalism and applying its many benefits to myself and to my family.

I felt the itch to begin my entrepreneurship journey again in 2018. After spending a year in Dunedin I just knew this was the perfect place to start the apothecary. As luck would have it, the very first day I decided to head downtown to check out potential buildings there was an opening in the perfect size space right off the Pinellas bike trail. When you get a sign like that you have to listen! And from there the beginning of Emelia’s Apothecary was signed and sealed.

What will you find at our apothecary? Well first and foremost here is what you won’t find-we never carry synthetic or chemically based ingredients. All of our herbs and oils are organic whenever possible or wildcrafted within their indigenous region. I have poured hours into sourcing only the best ingredients for not only our in house products and remedies but all of our DIY ingredients too. We work closely with clinical herbalists and holistic health practitioners to bring you classes and workshops on all types of plant based remedies.

We pride ourselves on being the whole natural skin and body choice for all, not just those who already have knowledge on plant-based benefits. Never heard of a tincture? Great! Trying out your hand at making your own shea butter lotions and salves? Great! We are here to offer the products to guide you on your journey. Wherever that may be, we hope you choose us to journey with you.

Thank you for supporting local woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere!

-Elisha Smith


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